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Kombat Syndicate
Apr 13, 2019
Thread title for your suggestion: Party server on bo2

Subject of your suggestion: Game Servers

Explain your suggestion in detail: I was thinking about a server with 4 map, most likely Nuke Hijacked Slums/Standoff and Raid, with "party mode" such as One in the chamber, Gungame, Stick and stones, Sharpshooter. There's only one server that does the same thing but it's located in NAW, so the lowest ping is 100. Also, in EU there's 2 gungame server, but one of them is Fed one, 106 weapons, lagging as hell, and the other one is rePz, never seen an admin online. Let me know what you think about that!

P.s. every map randomized with every mode, so we can have more variety.
P.p.s. everything SC

Why do you think your suggestion is useful / beneficial? Variety server
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